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On this wiki page, you will find a multitude of strategies and tips to improve students' reading, writing, and spelling skills. While meant for teachers, all are welcome to practice these strategies for themselves.

Reading, Writing, and Spelling StrategiesEdit

Below you will find a multitude of strategies that you can implement as a teacher to help your students improve in certain areas. These areas are reading, writing, and spelling. 

Reading : Strategies to help improve students' reading skills. From reading and identifying new words, to using context clues to learn new definitions, these strategies will fortify their reading skills.

Writing : Strategies to help improve students' writing skills. Ranging from brainstorming new ideas to proper sentence and word flow, these strategies will help vary your instruction and improve writing skills.

Spelling : Strategies to help improve students' spelling skills. Strategies include using a different interpretation of phonics and how you can step away from the standard Monday to Friday spelling test.

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